Our Services

At HanRiver Consulting we provide business development services that offers you strategies to increase international sales. Our objective is to help broaden your marketing and sales funnel to include highly targeted customers with whom you can generate deeper business relationships, as well as industry partners who can meet your diverse sales needs.
This is achieved by providing the following services :


At HanRiver we are passionate about getting the marketing strategy of the business right. We advocate the need for strategic agility, driven by a continual gathering of valuable market information to inform strategic decision making. HanRiver helps companies operating in complex sales environments to establish their competitive advantage and develop a successful B2B marketing strategy.

Market Research & Analysis

HanRiver provides B2B market research and analysis expertise to deliver valuable market insights to inform your business strategy and maintain your competitive advantage. This is achieved by planning the appropriate research strategy/methodology for your business, conducting primary or secondary research to gather relevant market and competitor information and data and analysing market research information to develop valuable insights to inform the business strategy.

Bespoke Business Development Meetings

At HanRiver Consulting we pride ourselves on providing one to one strategy meetings by offering our decision makers a way to engage with their target audience behind closed doors. This is executed by providing a stringent pre qualification process to ensure that you’re meeting with a decision maker that has a need for your service at that given time. This allows the service and solution provider a way to express current case studies and tangible evidence on how they can bring multiple platforms via product, service or solutions to help improve the buyer’s bottom line.

Bespoke Roundtables ( Change from Focused Discussion Groups)

HanRiver Consulting provides Bespoke Roundtable sessions that creates a great targeted network opportunity.. We use our relationships to ensure that you’ll be hosting this session in front of the right target audience to help maximise your sales opportunities. The Bespoke Roundtable Format involves Keynote Presentations given by a senior representative from your company in front of 10 to 15 target individuals from different organisations. To ensure your organisation gain the best tangible results HanRiver establishes the structure for the roundtable session and engage with key stakeholders during the planning and delivery stage.